State Coordination Committee Meeting Varanasi

State Coordination Committee Meeting:

State Coordination Committee Meeting was held on 6th July 10, 2018, at Varanasi.
The meeting was inaugurated by Shri Trilok Shukla from Utkarsh. Regular UPMA agenda along with proposed activities were discussed. Need for more joint recovery camp was felt. Joint CSR activities by UPMA was suggested. Mr. Raman Vig and Mr. Pramjal Jaiswal from CRIF High Mark Mumbai addressed the participants and clarified most of their queries. A small presentation from High Mark about their working was made. Mr Satinder Handoo From MFIN discussed the new client acquisition (NCA) and client. Selection. The reference Check of employees changing organization was also discussed. The meeting was attended by 35 participants from 15- member organization attended the meeting