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Welcome to UPMA

India got independence in 1947 and it was one of the dreams of the freedom fighters to get economic freedom. This can be achieved only by winning over unemployment and poverty. As such country was striving hard to move ahead in every direction. It is noteworthy that the country is enriched with huge capabilities aspirations and expectations. However was not able to move forward as was envisaged during the independence movement. The biggest obstacle in the developmental growth of the country was noted to be the lack of education and employment opportunities. Only these two impediments i.e. lack of education and unemployment chained a huge section of society with poverty. Spreading education and creating job opportunities would have been a time consuming factor which the nation was not in a position to tolerate.

Understanding the root cause as above regarding low pace of economic independence the then Govt of India in 1969 nationalized the Banks in India. The Bank nationalization was done with the sole objective of providing financial help to the masses towards accretion of employment and financial upliftment at all level. With the objectives in mind Bank Nationalization moved in the right direction with initiation of various steps viz, Credit Deposit Ratio; Annual Action plan, Lead Distt etc…Read More

Member Of  UPMA

All institutions engaged in the field of Microfinance more particularly those registered as NBFC MFI having the area of operation being state of Uttar Pradesh are eligible to be the member of this Association. Institutions being member of other National bodies and or having presence in other states besides U.P. are also eligible to be the member of this Association. Detailed terms are contained in the Memorandum of association submitted with the Registrar 0f Societies. There are eight founder members of the association…Read More